Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Money in the long tail - CNET Blogs

I think technology is fundamentally changing our lives. And it is important to understand the possibilities of what we do. This article on who can make money on the Long Tail makes perfect sense. What it is saying is that you have to be someone like Amazon or Google to make money from all this internet activity. You and me, who blog will not make money from it. But then we did not start doing this for money.


yh said...

hey nh, i'm actually reading the long tail by chris anderson at the moment (ok, will finish it after the exams) but basically, you could still make money by appealing to the niche market.

the long tail effect allows even the most niche product to sell, e.g. timbaktu folk songs, just that aggregators like amazon/ebay excels in it because the marginal cost of providing these products is very low. in short, there are different kind of long tail businesses: producers (youtubers), aggregators (ebay) and filters (google) and we could exploit the long tail effect to reach our intended audience.

more after i actually finish it!

yh said...

oh yes, the money part. not doing it for the money but the biz student in me speaks faster than i can reel him in. lol.