Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Joanna Dong

I met Joanna Dong on a publicity shoot. Then I learnt that she is a jazz singer and sings at Oosh at Dempsey Road on Tuesdays. I went down and was quite blown away by her voice. I went down a couple of Tuesdays after that and took pictures of her in action.Check out her site and go see her if you can.


Chris said...


Do you shoot on Sunday? Can I volunteer myself as an assistant?

Yours truly

Marvin said...

she was on singapore idol previously.

Heng said...

Hi Chris,

I try not to shoot on Sunday, but I find that I have been shooting a lot of dancers on Sunday because they are not free during the week. Sure you can volunteer yourself. Can you email your contact to . We can take it from there.

Hi Marvin. Yes, Joanna was on Singapore Idol.