Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fanboys remake Raiders of the Lost Ark

I was on a commercial shoot yesterday working my ass off. The art director was telling me that the market rate of work in Singapore is going down and clients do not care about the quality of the work. Another photographer friend has been telling me how hard it is for photographers to get work nowadays. I don't know. I have been getting work at my asking rate. I do not have the mentality of giving less to clients who want to pay less. I work my ass off for every shoot. I want every shot that I take to be at an international level, and there are still clients out there who are willing to pay for quality.

Today, I read this story about some 12 year old kids who had a dream to remake Raiders of the lost ark. They did it over seven years and on their own pocket money. And they are finally getting recognised for it.

What can I say, in Singapore people are afraid to fail. They are unwilling to push the boundary no matter what it takes. Then they complain that their clients are not giving them what they need. Those kids at 12 had no budget, no knowledge, just love and passion. They found a way to make it work.

I do work that I do not love. I do it as well as I can and show why I am worth what I charge. And with the money I earn, I pay for my own shoots whose limits I push as much as I can. My vision is to be open minded and be prepared to shoot large international campaigns.

I take pride in my work. I think my clients see that. That is why I can and will charge a premium. And if Singapore clients are really not interested in good quality work, then I will go regional. And if I cannot get regional clients, I will get international clients. It does not take that many clients to earn a living.

On another little story I read in a comic book, an old hunter was explaining why wild animals were so dangerous to humans. They don't know death. They will fight even if mortally wounded. Our fear of death and failing in Singapore makes us castrated cowards, fearful of our own shadows. We wait for someone to lead us not knowing that we can only thrive if we lead ourselves.

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