Saturday, October 07, 2006

Singapore air quality in moderate range with PSI of 83

Saturday October 7, 4:17 PM

SINGAPORE: Singapore's air quality dropped back into the moderate range with 3-hour PSI of 83 on Saturday at 3pm.
The highest PSI reading for the year was 130 at 10am on Saturday morning, and the all time high was 226 in 1997.

The 3-hours PSI first entered the unhealthy range at 8am on Saturday morning, with a PSI reading of 101.

The latest satellite pictures showed there were 506 hotspots and thick smoke haze in Sumatra, mainly in Riau, Jambi and South Sumatra, and winds blowing in a southerly to southwesterly direction had brought smoke haze from southern Sumatra to Singapore.

NEA added that the prevailing winds are also transporting the smoke haze towards the Malacca Straits and Peninsular Malaysia.

"The prevailing winds are transporting the smoke haze towards the Malacca Straits, Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore," the agency said.

The Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur on Friday also reported unhealthy air levels, while flights were disrupted in the country's Sarawak province on Borneo island.

A spokesman for Singapore's Changi Airport on Saturday said the haze had not affected operations at the regional aviation hub.

Hundreds of firefighters in Indonesian Borneo, aided by police and volunteers, were Friday dousing illegal forest fires causing acrid haze that blanketed western parts of the island, officials in the neighbouring country said.

Indonesia's annual burn-off causes a haze that typically smothers parts of Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand as well as Indonesia itself.

The NEA advises people with existing heart or respiratory ailments to reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity. - CNA /dt

Well, the photographers shooting outdoors in these conditions are all going WTF??

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woah. we heard about the >150psi readings. must be crazy. am glad is better now. wes