Thursday, October 19, 2006

The New Portfolio

Portfolio1 (Please download the file and view it on Adobe Acrobat Reader)

I set about changing my company's direction in September last year. It has been almost a year, but the groundwork in my office is almost complete. I had to re look at my portfolio after Chicago, it just was not strong enough in general. So I did quite a few test shoots and some work since I came back in June. I finally feel confident to present my work. Some people will think that important chunks of my work is missing, and it may be, but I want to be a commercial portrait photographer. That is why my portfolio is put together the way it is.

Basically, this is where I draw the line. On this work my photographic career will continue to grow or it will fail. Plan B will be to have a garage sale of my photographic kit and raise funds to turn the studio into a cafe. :)

If you are interested, you can download the portfolio and view it. I do warn you, it is about 6.7Mb and you should use Adobe Acrobat 5 and above to view it.


James said...

jcyrhs said...

The portfolio took me through a journey, it seems. I could say that you ended the portfolio with really powerful shots. All the best for your plan A, won't wanna see you selling coffee...