Saturday, October 21, 2006

The New Portfolio revised

Hmm.. I put together my portfolio yesterday using what I thought was my latest and strongest work. But although the images are good, it lacked a theme and/or character. I decided to put away a few of the newer photos, which I think are more suited to a different portfolio, like a fashion one.

I have recalled some of my earlier work to put together a portfolio that I like to think of as a visual tease. :) I think its more fun, and it represents the quirky Ngiap Heng much better. My work is eclectic and mixed, so I cannot put together a defining look like some photographers. Instead I present a definig quirkiness of Heng. Muahahaha! I am not sure if it will bring more commercial work, but I think it is a more memorable portfolio.

Presenting Portfolio2, a visual tease.


Lez said...

Mr."quirky" Ngiap Heng,

Visual Tease, indeed!
Great stuff! :-)

Heng said...

Thanks. Just a working stiff trying to promote my work.