Friday, August 22, 2008

Dance Me Through The Dark - The Book is finally out

It has been a long wait since February when the Dance Me Through The Dark Book was supposed to be launched. Unfortunately, the print quality was not up to scratch. Since I had to reprint the book, I decided to redesign the book as well and incorporate images from the actual exhibition. I think that it has been worth the wait and the print this time round is much better. I apologise for the long wait. For those who ordered the book during the exhibition, my office manager will be contacting you soon!

The book is still retailing at Singapore $100.

I will be putting up the book for sale on the Dance Me Through The Dark web site soon. But I have been swamped with work. But right now, the book is available at Books Actually, 2902 Gallery, Objectifs and Singapore Dance Theatre. As other shops start to sell the book, I will list them out.

If you want to purchase the book directly, you can email enquiry[at]

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wansheng said...

hey man! i saw the book at 2902 on wed. looks cool! altho they din state tht it's for sale, only on display.