Thursday, January 17, 2008

A hetic New Year

Liana Chua shot by me in a Le Petit Portrait session.

Last year, 2007, was a great year for my photography, and a crap year for business. The business may live or may die due to lack of clientèle, but I rarely take things lying down.

With the upcoming exhibition and book launch of Dance Me Through The Dark, it was expected that it would be a busy time. Preparing images, proof reading, promotional efforts, all take time and effort. And this is not only the first time I am publishing a book, it is also the first time I have a curator (Venka Puroshothaman) and am presenting the exhibition as an installation.

But also in order to fill the traditionally quite January month between New Year and Chinese New Year, the Le Petit Portrait promotion was launched and has had a really good response. We have had a fair number of people taking up the promotion and even more that have just taking a look at The Pond's new web site and looked at what we have to offer.

We have also created a new portfolio aimed at corporate clients and the response so far has been much better than the last portfolio aimed at advertising agencies. I guess that I have learnt that the advertising agencies in Singapore want a one-stop commercial photography shop which The Pond cannot provide. The PR agencies are more interested in portraits and documentary photography which is much more in line with what The Pond does.

Things seem to be picking up but it is early days yet. Ultimately though, I am not going to stop my photographic journey. If there is a commercial portrait side to my journey, fine. If not, there are a lot more things for me to do. At least it will be full steam ahead till March.

So I apologise if postings are slow on the blogs.

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Wansheng said...

keep going! all the best for the new year!:D