Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Heng and the Telemarketer

7pm: The phone rings in the studio.

Heng picks up the phone.

Telemarketer: Hello Mr Tan, my name is ...... . I am calling on behalf of ..... Bank. Can I ask you if you have a personal loan with .... Bank.

Heng: Are you pretty?

Telemarketer: Excuse me? I am calling you about a personal loan?

Heng: What do you look like?

Telemarketer: Errr. I see you are not interested in personal loan.

Heng: I am interested in a personal date.

Telemarketer: Thank you. Good bye.

Heng scores 1.


The best and unfortunately for me a real line for those banks trying to get me to sign on to a credit card is, "I am afraid I do not earn more than $30k a year. Do I qualify for your card?" And the answer is "So sorry. Have a good day Mr Tan."


The people that piss me off the most are those that send me blast faxes, making use of my paper, toner and electricity to do their bloody marketing. I wish I could a hack somehow and direct one fax marketer's adverst to another fax marketer's machine. Thereby confounding two marketer's system at the same time.


My horoscope says that I am at odds with the world today. Funny, I feel so in sync!


ShutterBug said...

thumbs up!

Jeff L. said...

if all is fine, u should find a student knocking on ur door for portraiture lessons soon (2 weeks from now).

my recommendation fee is air :)

Heng said...

=) Thanks Jeff. Let's see what happens in 2 weeks.

Jeff L. said...

she needs a head start so I asked her what she wants. the word studio photography pops up and ur name resonates. if no news let me know, i drop her an email. by chance we met, by chance we chatted, by philosophy i preach to her ha ha.

btw i m preparing to send a folio to filemagazine. u have any contact with them before? the content i hav in mind is entitled " A piece of China"

Heng said...

Hi Jeff, is this student Sameen?

I am afraid that I have not heard of filemagazine before. But best of luck. I hope that you get some work published. :)

Wansheng said...

heh! next time i might try this. sometimes, i'll just put them on hold and turn on the music... my incoming's free:D

Jeff L. said...

Yap tis Sameen