Monday, April 02, 2007

Kamakura and Tempura

The Peony garden in front of the Hachiman shrine, Kamakura. The perfect place for Ella and Zul to admire cherry blossoms.

A lot of sake gets donated to the shrine and Ella and Zul had a taste!

Ella and Zul take a walk in the hills behind the temples and get lost.
Zul: "I am sure its this way."
Ella: "Just ask someone already."
Zul: "I don:t think the Japanese here talk to the animals."

Ok. And I had the best tempura in my life today. That is two meals of Japanese food that I am going to find hard to eat anywhere else in the world now. The ingredients are all fresh. And instead of dunking the battered food in soya sauce, you eat most of it with a little salt! The ingredients are all fresh, and cooked to bring out the flavour and colours. The chef apprenticed for 15 years before he started earning money. And it took him another five years before he earned any decent money. Makes me think about my own 'short' career in photography.

The restaurant is in the Ebisu region and is called Tempura. It is a mind blowing exprience.


Martian Powers said...

Where is all the kawaii girls????
Should ask them to pose with Ella and Zul..

Anonymous said...

may i know what is ur chinese name?

pfong said...

You look a little red. Good sake? :-)

Heng said...

Anvin, have not got the girls in the shots. :( Shy lah.

Paul, I don]t drink. It's a combination of the cold weather and hot food.

tHe mAd ShoE ShOPper said...

heng!!! come back soon. I miss u!!!

and stop drooling at the upskirts on underage girls! :(

ead said...

I DEMAND!!!! some hot jap women to be shown!! haha.

what's weirder than stuffed animals talking to themselves???
ans: the person making them talk haha.

Heng said...

Firstly, I am too old to appreciate underaged girls, but the young women here look great. So basically I am basically too busy staring to take out my camera and shoot. So Ead, you will have to come to Japan to look at the hot young ladies here. :)