Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ella and Zul making friends in Japan

'Pssst... She looks human, not giraffe.'

Friends to eat Sashimi with.

'Wow, this girl needs to get out in the sun more. Running wild in Africa will be good!'

'We should have brought the woof translator.'


FeNg'zz said...

Hey can I ask you something, how did you ever get those Japanese folks to hold Ella and Zul and take a picture of them?

Heng said...

:) Just smile profusely and let them hold Ella and Zul. Sometimes I show them pictures that I have taken of Ella and Zul before.

FeNg'zz said...

Hahaha! Somehow imagining it makes me laugh... But kudos to your guts... Hee