Thursday, December 14, 2006

A good three Days of photography

I have been plodding along with my career in photography and trying to bring to life my own visions. Every shoot seems like a battle for me, trying to connect with an inner vision and bringing that vision to life. But for three days, with hard work and a good team behind me, my photography was fruitful. On a Sunday, my hard work with shooting the Singapore Dance Theatre paid off as Robert and Alexa came to my studio for a session of dance shots. Not everything worked but there were some great shots. I am looking forward to more dancers from Singapore Dance Theatre playing shapes with me.

TNH_061203_0580 bw copy.jpg

Then on Monday, I did a model test shoot for a Phantom model, Savannah. It was the first time I was using my new profoto portable lights. It was also my first time shooting a poolside Bikini shot. I had an idea of what I wanted but I have never done anything like this before. And once again some things worked and some things could have been done better. But the things that worked were wonderful.

TNH_061204_0825 copy

Then on the third day, Tuesday, my student Lisa Eagles, from my Portraits as Visual drama came to model for me for a figure session. I asked her to bring her children along and we got some nice figure work with her son and daughter. Then I changed the lighting and did some abstract poses and her body was simply amazing. She has a very angular body and she does yoga. I have seen a lot of figure photography before and I always have this feeling that what I have done has been done before. But some of Lisa's photos are truly different.

TNH_061205_1300 bw sq copy

I am so happy when I am creating interesting images. At this point time I feel that I have become competent as a photographer. I am still following in the footsteps of giants. But I am happy that my work is beginning to have the look and feel of the photographers that inspire me. I hope that in my constant practise, I will finally do some work that is original and unique.


Lez said...


Heng said...

Thanks Lez. I hope that this is just the beginning.

no whims,no fancies said...

Hi,i saw your exhibition along citylink and they are BEAUTIFUL.I am a dancer too and you have definitely captured the beauty of dance.Keep it up!Love those pictures.

Heng said...

Hi. Thanks. Shooting SDT is a real labour of love.