Monday, May 08, 2006

Yogen's Birthday at Victor Hotel

Yogen is an old school mate from Anglo-Chinese School working as a medical researcher in Chicago. We were supposed to meet when I came to Chicago, but due to some food poisoning and subsequent work commitments by both of us, we never met. He just happened to be celebrating his 40th birthday and Victor Hotel and asked me along. Yogen and I have not really kept in contact through the years and we only met up again at another friend's house just before I came to Chicago. I had no idea what to expect of this party but I ended up having a lot of fun at a really interesting club/restaurant.

Victor Hotel is a swish club done up in some old factory building. The walls are red and hung with photo erotica ala Helmut Newton. Ok, I should be smiling guys at least in this photo. I took a second one smiling but misfocussed, so you have me looking serious again. Here is a symbolic smile, :)

Here is Yogen, the birthday boy.

Yogen with some guests.

And some guests amongst the photographs.

Not making money, not making art photos, but sometimes it is just fun to have fun.


pfong said...

That first pic is outstanding! Impressionism in a photo.

Heng said...

It is 2 images layered together. I found the initial 2 images interesting but were both substandard. So I decided to do an 'impression' of the club. :)

Whatever works eh?

Anonymous said...

It looks phenomenal! Makes the ceiling look like it's reflective.

I guess after a few rounds of drinks, that's how everything at the club looks huh!


Heng said...

You know, I would not know what the effect of drink is because I don't drink alcohol. But I have always been able to enjoy myself with a cup of orange juice or diet coke. :)

My mind is already spinning in a mess, don't need added drugs.