Tuesday, May 09, 2006

S'pore business owners among the most stressed in the world: survey

S'pore business owners among the most stressed in the world: survey

Do we work to live? Or do we live to work?


Anonymous said...

While I don't believe that making money is evil, but I'm prtty sure that there is a better way to do it!

I've come across people who are not considered financially rich (as in they are not millionaires), but when I look at the lives that they lead, I am amazed at how rich they actually are! They have rich experiences from their travels and friendships with people from diverse cultures. They love their work (job). The best part is, they have such a beautiful heart. When you speak to them, you always end up smiling. I can't help feeling that they are leading truly happy lives.

On the other hand, a few months ago. I drove past my old primary school (Elementary school for American readers) - St. Stephen's School at Siglap and I saw this house with a yellow Lamboghini (a Murcielago in case you are interested) parked within its gates. My first impression was: "you got a nice car... maybe... but man, your house is... erhem..., could be done with better taste!" I also noticed another thing. The house was lined with barbed wire all around at the gate - the military-camp-style barbed wire. Huge coiled ones with hardcore jagged spikes at its edges. It was so ridiculous! It was the first time I ever saw such "security" at a personal residence in Singapore or anywhere for that matter. I can't help thinking that the Lambo has got stress-icing on its cake.

I wondered if it was really worth it... Some people might think so, but for me, I think I know what I want.

Yes, having a chunk of money is ok for me. But, at what price?

Not at that cost. At least, not for me.


Anonymous said...

Just read the article: Wah! Mostly us chinese people man!!


seventh stranger said...

i'd rather learn and travel whenever i get the chance. i mean, i would want to go halfway around the world to intern. money for me is for essential stuffs in your life. bills, bills and bills. other than that, in moderation is the way to go for me.

heng, maybe you can give some tips if i want to intern with a photographer.

see u in the Pond next time.

keep the love.