Sunday, September 18, 2005


My latest exhibition Tête-à-tête, opened at Objectifs on Friday. A lot of invites went out but it turned out to be a small affair. I heard that I was fighting against other events like the opening of the new Theatreworks space. I was a little dissapointed with the turn out.

However, the good part was that my friends turned up. Thanks to the people who turned up on Friday, you know who you are. :) From the people in the photographs, Parvathi, Ivan Heng, Seng Onn, Hai Ying and Isabelle came to the exhbition. That was nice. Ivan bought his own image.

The Epson print technology is really good now. The people that turned up were impressed with the results. I must give a big thank you to Chris Yap. I had printed one set of images and wanted to send them for framing. Chris, in 30 minutes, took apart quite a few of my images and made it obvious that I had to reprint the images. The second set is much stronger than the original set, even in images that he had not really commented on. That is why he is the print master. The main problem was getting out information in the highlight and shadow areas. That is what makes black and whites 'real', continuous grey tones.

This exhbition is important to me. It marks the turning point in my career from a generalist photographer to a portrait photographer. I think that I am starting to produce even stronger images as seen in this blog, but these black and whites taken on my trusty Hassleblad, shows the roots of my photography. And even if I move on in the way I take portraits, I will always revisit the square black and white portrait. Like black coffee, black and white images is part of my soul.

If you can, go take a look. This is like my graduation show, showing you my start. There will be more new things in the future.

Venue: Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Filmmaking
12A Liang Seah Street (between Beach Rd and North Bridge Rd)

Time: From September 16 to October 7
Monday to Friday, 11am to 7pm / Saturday, 1pm to 5pm

Open to public, free admission


Xin said...

am definitely not a pro at looking or judging ... but i supposed i so enjoy seeing nice pics! and urs are good :) will def pop by liang seah st!

pfong said...

Wonderful portrait. Beauty, grace and strength personified. Bravo!

Heng said...

Thanks for your kind comments xin and pfong. It has cheered me up a lot. :)

kiampa said...

hi ngiap heng,

sorry i'm not in town to have a look at the pics, but i guess i will have to make do with seeing them at your studio when i get back :)

all the best