Monday, September 12, 2005

A portrait session

I was hired to shoot a young musician, Shao Wen. Eadwine was my assistant.

I am trying to add more texture to my portraits. I got Shao Wen to write about himself and added it to the background of the portrait.

I like the shape of Eadwine's head. I took this shot when I had some time.


töes said...

The Shao Wen pic reminds me of the shots you did of Parvathi.

I'm enjoying every bit of your new styles of execution. Keep it going. =)

Heng said...

I am really feeling liberated nowadays. :)

Yes, it is the same idea as I had for Parvathi, but I have embraced the digital revolution for this image.

I have a personal project in the pipeline which will continue to explore more of this multi-layered portraiture. :)

eadwine said...

wow!! what a good looking bald fella u shot there!! haha

kiampa said...

the arrangement of the two pictures is spot on :)

ShutterBug said...

love the portrait shots! :)

Congrats on your recent exhibition in Objectifs!

- Ron