Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photographic Exhibitions in Singapore in January

There is a lot going on in terms of photographic exhibitions this month.


To begin with there is a photography of German Dance Photography at the Goethe Institute.It is interesting how German photographer's work always looks more raw and technically simple, but actually is of the highest order.

Movements Frozen in Time. An Exhibition of Dance Images

Photo Exhibition
14.01.2010 - 27.02.2010
Monday-Friday 9am-6.30pm
Saturday 1pm-6pm
Goethe-Institut Singapore, Art Gallery
163 Penang Road #05-01
Winsland House II
Singapore 238463
Free admission
+65 67354555


I have not seen this yet but I really want to before it ends. This is part of the M1 Fringe Festival.

Last Meals
by Jonathon Kambouris
07.01.2010 - 24.01. 2010
5.45am - 12.15am
Esplanade Tunnel


This is a nice and fresh exhibition in a new exhibition space. Apparently this is an exhibition of six photographers who are showing their work for their first time. It includes award winning photographers Elaine Lim and John Heng. The other photographers are Fusheng, Genevieve Ding, Nicholas Foo and Wong King Leong.

I met the curator, Nicholas Foo, who is new to photography but very enthusiastic. He calls himself a noob and has his work on the wall too as the owners of the gallery asked him to put up his work. He tried shooting dinner for the photographers who were gallery sitting, Fusheng and King Leong. I passed him a paper napkin to soften his flash. Amusing yeah?

Anyway, I enjoyed it because the images were fresh and unpretentious. I hope to see more work from these photographers, including the noob curator!

my|4-walls: more than just a photo exhibition

17.01.2010 - 21.01.2010
Muse The Art Gallery


Objetifs is having the regular student exhibition, BUD. Some of my students from the Portraits as Drama class have the photos up. Well done boys and girls.

Objeticfs Centre for Photography and Filmmaking


I guess that since I am plugging other people's exhibitions that I should plug my own. I have a mini exhibition of male nudes at a gay bar, Does Your Mother Know. It is 10 photos of dancer Robert Mills who was until recently dancing for Singapore Dance Theatre. The exhibition is on till after Chinese New Year.

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