Monday, June 08, 2009

Albert Watson interview


Anonymous said...

Hi Heng,

Thanks for sharing these interviews.
When Albert commented about his
work becoming 'stronger' and more 'iconic' i would have liked the interviewer to have asked him why he
thought this and if there were other
motives for his change in attitude
to the fashion industry which made
his reputation. It's quite clear, his success earned him the opportunity to be a little more ruthless with magazine editors,
and to pursue his art world

Heng said...


I think some times in the old school of photography, people are not necessarily able to articulate their inner processes that well. And nowadays some photographer's speak too much for the images, meaning that the photos do not speak for themselves.

I think that looking at the examples, you can see that Albert Watson's work does become more impactful and memorable. It also becomes less mass market, which sometimes does not work for advertising. What I think photographers have to be more comfortable with, is that there is an intuitive part to image making. Articulating the process or reason can be a signpost to what the photo does, but what the photo actually does, cannot be articulated.