Wednesday, May 06, 2009

God vs. Science - TIME

God vs. Science - TIME

I must admit that I agree with Richard Dawkins on his views. So what surprises me are scientists who still believe in a religion. I think that Francis Collins, puts a good case for one to be an agnostic, to conclude that there may be a god. But I think Collins still fails to convince me why one religion should be favoured above the others.

This article makes and interesting read. And I also like the engagement in discussion and conversation. I think both men put their view points across forcefully, but do not use underhanded methods. There is not hostile takeover of another's organisation. There is no holy war. I think both men's ideals do not rest on the subjugation of other people like some more fundamentalists religious people.

I hope that both atheists and religious people continue to question with integrity and humanism.


Anonymous said...

The irony of the argument of people like Dawkins and Hitchens is that it is as much a statement of faith as any religion. Why do I say this? Simply because not a single one of us has 100% knowledge of all that goes on in the cosmos. Only if one had that level of knowledge could one say that there is no God. The fundamental premise of science is that it is based on observation. Scientists observe phenomenon, hypothesize, test and conclude. Nothing wrong with that. However, what happens when there is insufficient data - as in the case of evolution, the big bang theory etc. I propose there is insufficient data because no one was there to see observe these things. So scientist put on their 'best guess' - the most seemingly plausible interpretation of things that no one has observed. How different is that from believing in what the scriptures of any religion believe? It still is a matter of faith albeit faith in oneself rather than in some higher power. And so the Dawkins' of the world are indeed people of great faith.

As for choosing one God over another, well, someone can tell you about their beliefs but ultimately this is also a question of where you put your faith. The Bible invites you to "taste and see" for yourself. As a Christian myself, it is my hope you will do just that. The choice is yours.

Heng said...

Dawkins is not closed to the idea that there is a god. He just has not seen proof that any of the long standing religions has the answer.

"DAWKINS: My mind is not closed, as you have occasionally suggested, Francis. My mind is open to the most wonderful range of future possibilities, which I cannot even dream about, nor can you, nor can anybody else. What I am skeptical about is the idea that whatever wonderful revelation does come in the science of the future, it will turn out to be one of the particular historical religions that people happen to have dreamed up. When we started out and we were talking about the origins of the universe and the physical constants, I provided what I thought were cogent arguments against a supernatural intelligent designer. But it does seem to me to be a worthy idea. Refutable--but nevertheless grand and big enough to be worthy of respect. I don't see the Olympian gods or Jesus coming down and dying on the Cross as worthy of that grandeur. They strike me as parochial. If there is a God, it's going to be a whole lot bigger and a whole lot more incomprehensible than anything that any theologian of any religion has ever proposed."

I went to Anglo-Chinese School and together with a great education had ten years of bible studies. I was at one time a church going Christian. I also almost married a Roman Catholic and went to church with her. I applaud the morals and ethics that modern churches try to instill in their congregation. But I am not convinced that morals and ethics can only come from religious adherance. And religious adherence from one particular religion at that.

As an ethnic Chinese, if I were to be persuaded to follow a religion, it is more logical for me to follow Taoism or Buddhism. I do not find the fact that Jesus dying on the cross in Israel that significant to the Indians and Chinese living for several centuries after 0 A.D.

Like Dawkins, I think that if there is a God, he probably is beyond our human understanding and is not Yahweh, Odin, Vishnu, an Alien, Allah, Orisis or any of the deities our ancestors have created.