Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dance Stages - An exhibition of Dance photographs

I never expected that I would be having three exhibitions this year. Actually three solo exhibitions in Singapore this year and images in two American exhibitions. But there is an exhibition of photographs from dance performances that I have shot. It is called Dance Stages and it will be at

DATE 9 Oct - 19 Oct 08
VENUE MRT link from Esplanade to Cityhall

There is no official opening, but if you are in the area, please drop by and check it out. There are 83 images. I seem to be doing relatively big exhibitions recently. Most of the work is what I get paid to shoot by various arts organisations and is not commonly seen.

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jingkai said...

just visited ur exhibition..pretty impressive work..i'm inspired..haha! The 1st series (b/w ones), were they shot on film? the grain seems pretty apparent...

anyway my (somewhat decent) dance photos are at the link below