Sunday, September 07, 2008


I have not been doing any personal dance photography of late. Just bogged down with work and other projects. But a dancer is leaving Singapore and so we had a session.


jingkai said...

pretty impressive work =) I had a chance to shoot alongside u for one of TTP's productions, Soldiers i think.. got ur card the other time.. 2 wks back i was @ riceball and leon showed me ur book.. wow!

Hopefully there would be opportunities to interact with u next time, it's always good to learn n pick up some pointers on stage n studio work from one of leaders in the field

Heng said...

Yes. I remember you for the soldier shoot.

Thanks for your kind remarks.

I guess we will bump into each other again!

maryann koh said...

very nice! love this series. did you have to put another light just for the "web" on the left side of the second photo?

Heng said...

:) Hi Maryann. There are actually 4 lights in the first three shots.