Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Book Delayed again

This is turning out to be more difficult than I anticipated. There were printing issues with the first print run of the Dance Me Through The Dark Book. The printing issues were solved in the second run but the pages were damaged. So I am now looking for a new printer and I am unable to estimate when the book will be out. I hope that it can be all sorted out within a month.

To all those people who have ordered the book, my apologies for the delay.


maryann koh said...

hi heng, you may want to contact his person Winson Lan from AP Media. 67876300 ext 331. i happened to meet him when he came to view my current studio for rent. he is a consultant of sorts for printing issues and also run his own printing facility which has printed for arts and photography publications. i thought it might be useful if you can get his advice or services with regards to the re-printing of your book.

all the best :)

Heng said...

Thanks for the information Maryann. I have already have someone else who will help me out. I am going to start the design from scratch as the last design was ok but not as interesting as I hoped it would be.