Friday, June 08, 2007

Looking for volunteers to pose for photographs

I will be going away for workshops from mid-July to mid-August. I have a couple of very enthusiastic assistants who would love to practise their portrait skills. If there are any people out there interested in having studio portraits done for one to eight people during my trip, please leave a comment with your email or contact number.

The deal is quite basic, but volunteers will get images burnt on a CD to take away.


Charles Sng said...

Sounds interesting, maybe I can learn a trick or two from them too. I am not a very photogenic person so it might be a challenge for your assistants ;). Do give me more details. Thanks!

Heng said...

Hmm. I think it would be best if you met up with my assistants to discuss with them when and how to do the shoot. Can you drop us an email at . We will arrange a meeting and take it from there.


Nancy said...

Can i volunteer my kids? girl, 4 and boy 1.5. Please contact me &


Princess X said...

Can i try? =)

Heng said...

Hi Princess, you sure can. Can you send us an email at . Shin will contact you and arrange for the shoot.