Sunday, May 29, 2005

Nature's Textures

Drama in the Sky, Clouds over Singapore. Posted by Hello

Have you ever looked up on a starry night and wondered at the vastness of space?
Have you ever felt small next to a mountain?
Have you felt an inner warmth as the sun rises?

It amazes me how nature inspires a whole range of emotions in me. On a day where there is an even clear blue sky I feel peace and even boredom. On a day with clouds filled with dark shadows and bright spots, I have a sense of a great conflict happening above my head.

An image is an object in itself. How an image is crafted conveys as much mood and information as the subject of the image. The recent images of the Iraq war are a case in point. Images are edited to show a successful Alliance army. The kind of shocking images from previous wars are avoided so as not to turn normal people agains the war in Iraq. A picture of clouds, although inanimate, can convey more drama.

Photographers as image makers go beyond the simple act of taking an image. By choosing to shoot under a certain quality of light adds a new and interpretive dimension to the image. A dramatic moment can be made bland and a molehill can be visually made into a mountain.

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